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CRYPTO INFECTIONS / Lyme Disease / real time PCR Kits for biomedical laboratories.



Designation References Principle Details
CryptoInfections 1.0 

Borrelia sl/ Borrelia miyamotoi/ Borrelia hermsii/ Bartonella spp / Bartonella quintana/ Bartonella henselae/ Babesia spp/ Candida spp

CI 1.0 Sybr ® and Taqman ®  
CryptoInfections 1.0 Differential Diagnostic

Rickettsia spp/ Ehrlichia spp/ Anaplasma spp/Coxiella burnetii/Francisella tularensis/Brucella spp/ Mycoplasma spp

CI-DD 1.0 Sybr ® and Taqman ®  
CryptoInfections 1.0 DNA Virus 

EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus)/ HHV6 (Herpes Virus) / VZV (Varicella-Zoster Virus)

CI-V-DNA 1.0 Taqman ®  
CryptoInfections 1.0 RNA Virus 

TBEV / Zika / Chikungunhia / Dengue / Bourbon

CI-V-RNA 1.0 Taqman ®

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